We Help You Build Passive Real Estate Income

We use a specific criteria to identify residential or commercial properties in growing areas to yield high returns for our partners.

About Us

We started Siddiqi Ventures with one goal in mind, to achieve financial freedom. We got married at the start of 2021 and embarked on our journey to start a platform where we could accomplish our goal through real estate investments. Together, we took our vision and brought it to life by flipping homes. Through 2021, we completed 5 projects and now are looking to not only take on bigger developments, but also create an opportunity for others to join us on our path.

Our Work Process


We find assets under market value, negotiate the purchase price and financing, and close the deal.


We present the opportunity to you and you decide to invest with us on the specific project.

Value Add

We work to renovate or newly construct the property by using our team of builders and contractors.


Once the property is sold, we pay out a cash distribution to you.

Residential Properties

Single Family Homes In Growing Or Developed Neighborhoods

Commercial Properties

Workforce Housing That Provides Quality Living

Our Clients

We have worked with renowned names. From hotels, offices and personal homes, we have worked with clients from all backgrounds.

Featured Projects


Year Acquired: 2021
Purchase Price: $215,000
After Rehab Value: $369,800

Modern Condo

Year Acquired: 2021
Purchase Price: $125,000
After Rehab Value: $177,800

Regal Townhome

Year Acquired: 2021
Purchase Price: $250,000
After Rehab Value: TBD

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Fahad Siddiqi

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